Professional Development in IT/HPT

As we wrap up the semester, we get to the section on professional development in Instructional Technology/Educational Technology/Human Performance Technology. This is a staple for every field from what I can see, similar to the ethical considerations discussed in my previous post. There has to be ways for professionals to connect with one another andContinue reading “Professional Development in IT/HPT”

Ethical Issues in Instructional Technology/HPT

I started off this week’s readings with Guerra (2006), which defines the standards and ethics in Human Performance Technology. The beginning of the article defined 4 concepts: ethics, morals, values and business ethics. While these are similar, I liked that the article differentiated them by who they impact. It seemed that ethics involved members ofContinue reading “Ethical Issues in Instructional Technology/HPT”

Week 12: Human Performance Technology vs Human Performance Improvement, and Blended Learning

Similar to last week, I hadn’t heard the term Human Performance Improvement (HPI) until these readings. According to Stolovitch and Beresford (2012), HPI means ““to achieve, through people, increasingly successful accomplishments, directly tied to organizational goals, that are valued by all stakeholders, customers, regulatory agencies, and even society itself”. It sounds like HPI is theContinue reading “Week 12: Human Performance Technology vs Human Performance Improvement, and Blended Learning”

Human Performance Technology

Before this class, I had never heard the term Human Performance Technology. Upon first glace, the concept made sense: how can we use technology to evaluate and improve human performance? The definition from Pershing (2006) was “the study and ethical practice of improving productivity in organizations by designing and developing effective interventions that are results-oriented,Continue reading “Human Performance Technology”

Informal Learning and Using Media

This week’s readings focused on trends in instructional design including issues on informal learning and using media. The four principles Martinez and Whiting (2021) describe in their article on designing informal learning felt very familiar to other articles we have read over the last few weeks. Providing a choice in learning is something I amContinue reading “Informal Learning and Using Media”

History of IT and How to Keep Up

This week’s readings got me thinking about how quickly technology changes. The majority of the apps I use probably weren’t available or nearly as popular ten years ago when I was in college or even a few years ago (thinking about things like TikTok for example). The physical technology itself changes just as quickly itContinue reading “History of IT and How to Keep Up”

Week 6: Multimedia Learning, Cognitive Overload and Constructivism

Something I’ve realized through taking this course is how meta it is to be a learner who is learning about learning (that’s a mouthful!). Take Mayer and Moreno (2003) for example, and their research on multimedia learning and cognitive overload. It’s really cool to learn about how multimedia learning happens, as I engage in itContinue reading “Week 6: Multimedia Learning, Cognitive Overload and Constructivism”

Week 5: Innovative Approaches to Learning, and The Line Between Structure and Freedom in Learning Environments

I think my favorite article from this week was Stephen Mintz’s “7 Innovative Approaches to Course Design”. The standard approach he started the article with seemed…..pretty standard. Compile topics you want to cover, arrange them in an appropriate order, and teach from there. It sounds like most courses I’ve taken over the years, definitely notContinue reading “Week 5: Innovative Approaches to Learning, and The Line Between Structure and Freedom in Learning Environments”

Let’s Learn About…..Learning

One of the reasons I got into higher education was my love of learning. I always found comfort in educational settings, and always wanted to learn as much as I could about a variety of topics. This probably explains the two majors (Nutrition and Sociology) and two minors (Psychology and Women’s Studies) when I wasContinue reading “Let’s Learn About…..Learning”

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