Introduction and Goals

This first post will go over my path towards instructional technology, and goals I have for my first semester in the Instructional Systems Technology graduate certificate program from Indiana University Bloomington.

Since starting college in 2010, I’ve worked in higher education. Going from an undergraduate orientation leader and Resident Assistant, to graduate hall director and activities coordinator, to a full-time professional academic advisor I’ve interacted with thousands of college students and helped them transition to higher education academically and personally. I may not have had my own classroom, but I’ve done quite a bit of teaching in all of these roles! For the last 3 years I’ve advised and taught undergraduate students pursuing health careers. Since the COVID 19 pandemic began in 2020, I saw my students struggle with online learning and the sharp transition in their academic and personal lives. I also saw my colleagues shift to a more virtual work environment, with success and challenge. It made me want to learn more about the ways my students were learning through technology, and hopefully transition to a career in instructional design or educational technology someday. I love working in education, and I want to be able to help people learn and teach better. It has become very clear this past year that online learning isn’t going away, and we need people who can help students and educators use technology effectively to keep folks moving forward with their education.

In my first class of this certificate, EDUC R 511 (Instructional Technology Foundations), my goal is to gain a better understanding of the history, current trends and job opportunities in the field of instructional technology. I will do this by reflecting on articles posted for the course (through upcoming blog posts), attending live video meetings with experienced members of the field, and collaborating with others in the course who provide knowledge and experiences from a variety of industries. I am particularly looking forward to Human Performance Technology and the process of developing instructional technology.

Published by mdcrist92

Pronouns: She/They. Student Success Advisor at IUPUI. Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education from IUP, current student in IU Bloomington's Instructional Systems Technology Graduate Certificate program. Amateur chef, podcast listener, and walker of Indianapolis neighborhoods.

One thought on “Introduction and Goals

  1. Hi Madi,

    Glad to have you in R511. Similar to you, I take an Education major because I want to help people learn. I get interested in the field of IST because I find technology can expand and reform the ways people learn. I am sure you’ll benefit a lot from this course, as it weaves together the past, current, and future. The Saturday sessions are also wonderful opportunities to interact with experts in the field and learn from their stories and experiences!


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